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03 August 2017

Self -Enhancement


Just one month ago, I posted that i am looking for job. Actually, during that time I am already working as Administrative Officer and actually, I was reluctant to be permanent worker. I was offered  a manager post for an institution and i truly don't want it. But in the end, I accepted the offer, but as the assistant manager.

I really did take almost a month to think and I talked to my family about this matter. Yeah, people will always support you to take any job if they satisfied about the salary. But it is not my primary concern while pursuing my career.

We will put our effort to complete any task/job. Everyone does. But, spending our time for something that we don't like to do will surely affect our thinking, emotion and behavior. People also may be affected by us either in negative or positive way.

Now, i'm writing again as I just made a decision to stay, for another level of experience. Yes, i am willing to spend my time and learn to like it as much as i can. I will learn and try to instill the "self belonging" to this institution.

Just pray for me. Hope i will be strong and do my best to bring this organization to the higher level and excellent.
Well this job really made me polish my skill in designing. hope, i will be pro in this field one day.

August 3 2017

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