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what make people become more better and better? What make them be the Best?What make them inspired by others?
What make them Success?

01 July 2017


Almost one year I left my job as assistant supervisor and till now, i still looking for a good job that i passionate into it.

Volunteering really make me appreciate who i am and what i want to be. Now, working wit an NGO fulltime, polishing my designing skill, management and PR skill. Yet, i did not get enough satisfaction.

I need to purify my heart and do lot of muhasabah.  I truly hate myself right now that sometimes do not really "bersyukur" with this opportunity and the rizq given to me. People are struggling but i am busy looking for something and put aside the thing the thing that are already in front of me.

Fabiayyi aalairobbikuma tukazzibaaan.