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what make people become more better and better? What make them be the Best?What make them inspired by others?
What make them Success?

30 August 2017

When you choose to start over!

Mentally, you need to be tough to live in this running world.  Today, we live in the world where people are competing  to each other to find pleasure, money, love, properties and many more.

Some just found happiness and the meaning of life. And lot of people seeking for it.

Some  people drastically take a chance to drastically change, some people don't and refuse.

Expectation sometimes does not work. We plan but Allah also has plan for us. After two days of my previous post saying that i accepted the offer, I officially  turn down the promotion and choose to leave immediately for a lot of reasons.

No major regret except i pity my colleague to take over everything and lack of support. That's all.

Yes, i moved on and nearly get a job. But, i didn't grab the opportunity as it also seems like i will not be happy.

I am choosy?
Yeah. Definitely. I am looking for a career, not simply a job to earn money for living.
And after i turn down the promotion, i got "dumped". Not the right word i guess.

Dumped huh.

Never mind. Love and getting married is not everything.
Focus on what i want first and live happily. The right man that can make me happy is not here yet, perhaps! and it is time for  "me time" 💖!
No stress.

Self employed
-for better future-

03 August 2017

Self -Enhancement


Just one month ago, I posted that i am looking for job. Actually, during that time I am already working as Administrative Officer and actually, I was reluctant to be permanent worker. I was offered  a manager post for an institution and i truly don't want it. But in the end, I accepted the offer, but as the assistant manager.

I really did take almost a month to think and I talked to my family about this matter. Yeah, people will always support you to take any job if they satisfied about the salary. But it is not my primary concern while pursuing my career.

We will put our effort to complete any task/job. Everyone does. But, spending our time for something that we don't like to do will surely affect our thinking, emotion and behavior. People also may be affected by us either in negative or positive way.

Now, i'm writing again as I just made a decision to stay, for another level of experience. Yes, i am willing to spend my time and learn to like it as much as i can. I will learn and try to instill the "self belonging" to this institution.

Just pray for me. Hope i will be strong and do my best to bring this organization to the higher level and excellent.
Well this job really made me polish my skill in designing. hope, i will be pro in this field one day.

August 3 2017

01 July 2017


Almost one year I left my job as assistant supervisor and till now, i still looking for a good job that i passionate into it.

Volunteering really make me appreciate who i am and what i want to be. Now, working wit an NGO fulltime, polishing my designing skill, management and PR skill. Yet, i did not get enough satisfaction.

I need to purify my heart and do lot of muhasabah.  I truly hate myself right now that sometimes do not really "bersyukur" with this opportunity and the rizq given to me. People are struggling but i am busy looking for something and put aside the thing the thing that are already in front of me.

Fabiayyi aalairobbikuma tukazzibaaan.