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02 August 2016

Need for Assistance?

Hi guys, my name is Huda. Currently lives in Kota Bharu Kelantan. Doing Freelance job.

If you come to Malaysia for study with not very good english, and you found yourself in trouble doing your assignments, and you are hardly feel uncomfortable  to ask you groupmates, give me an email and i will help you at a very low cost.  :)

Email me at hde_dianza9@yahoo.com. or kindly pm me on fb. (Refer my fb link on your right side).

If you need for translation, i will also help you.
I also providing few other services like transportation service (kinda like UBER)
and i can also be your tourist guide. But of course, there are some terms n  conditions.

(First thing first, you must atleast know how to speak n write in english. Or else how i can communicate with u guys)

However, everything can be negotiate.
Only serious  customer will be given my phone number. Leave me a message or kindly pm me for any question.

With love,