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What make them Success?

29 June 2015

I have started

Since i graduated, there was a lot of thing or so called "wishlist" i managed to accomplished.
1. Opened a boutique.
2. Expert in driving manual car
3.Travel alone (where i went to Vietnam)
4. Work and taking care of My mum.
And there was one thing out of my wishlist that still made me doubt is beli kereta terlalu awal. Haha.

Seriusly,nk sgt. But, bila fikirkan kerjaya dan sape nk jaga mek, aku rasa aku belum bersedia.
Calon, o, i didn't have any yet. I have rejected so many. It is ain't easy to find my Mr. Right.

My aim for this year ahead is to pay my(not truly mine)q debt (hutang kurang kebijaksanaa. I called)  and Umrah.

I just want to wish happy Ramadhan yo all of u. Take care.

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