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what make people become more better and better? What make them be the Best?What make them inspired by others?
What make them Success?

20 October 2015


Mati itu Rahsia Allah.
Kita tidak tahu bila.

Jodoh pun rahsia Allah.
Sunnah Rasulullah pula mengumumkan perkahwinan.
So, if someone  x hebahkan tu, maknanya masanya belum tiba kan?

Unless, you ada calon untuk diperkenalkan, so tanyalah empunya diri akan statusnya.
Bukan apa, this is quite sensitive lorh.

Apa pun, jangan terlalu excited tanya bila org lain nk kahwin k.

29 June 2015

I have started

Since i graduated, there was a lot of thing or so called "wishlist" i managed to accomplished.
1. Opened a boutique.
2. Expert in driving manual car
3.Travel alone (where i went to Vietnam)
4. Work and taking care of My mum.
And there was one thing out of my wishlist that still made me doubt is beli kereta terlalu awal. Haha.

Seriusly,nk sgt. But, bila fikirkan kerjaya dan sape nk jaga mek, aku rasa aku belum bersedia.
Calon, o, i didn't have any yet. I have rejected so many. It is ain't easy to find my Mr. Right.

My aim for this year ahead is to pay my(not truly mine)q debt (hutang kurang kebijaksanaa. I called)  and Umrah.

I just want to wish happy Ramadhan yo all of u. Take care.

05 March 2015


6 March 2015.
 A month ago, i'm graduated from Uia.
Majoring in Psychology, minoring in Islamic Revealed Knowledge. Currently, I am 25 years old.

Think about career, think about family.
If i choose to start a career and make it as my first priority, then most probably i would stay in KL or Penang. I was thought abt this very serious. With salary around 2.5k, i think it is a good starting for a fresh graduate like me.

But, I only have a mother. Her condition was not so good.

Hey ladies, who can take care of your mother at the best if not you, her daughter.
My empathy is very high. I couldn't stand seeing old women working so hard. But, i never come back to take care of my mum out of sympathy and empathy. I doing it for my responsibility. For the sake of Allah. As a single mother, i know how hard her life was. Its about 34 years, she did many things to support this family. Before my father's died, he was unable to work about 10 years. My mum was the one who went out, and work.

This is one of the reason why my sisters and i think we need to be independent and have own career.

Now, is the time for me to take care of my mum. Though i am yet unemployed, i am happy coz i can serve my mum at my best. No worries. Less crying compared to the time when i was in UIA. Pamtang sahabat2 tnya pasal mek, aku pasti akn menitis air mata. Moreover if my mum doesnt pick up my calls. Yes, she won't answer because she had asthma. Now, i can see her all the time. Know what she is doing in the midnight, can help her to stand up, boil water for bath, cook, massage, taking care of the house and help her to take care of her garden.

I am working, ke' chi?
At least, i can help my siblings as well. Lessening their worrisome towards my mum's condition. Working in another state is ain't easy for them as well. Yeah, no worry abt money because they supporting us more or less.
Family is very important.

Kalau sakit, mereka la yg menjaga. Kalau susah, merelah yg membantu,.
Kalau senang, mereka jualah gg berkongsi rasa dan gembira.

Kami diajar berkongsi dan saling membantu.
Sebab itu kami benci org yg kedekut. Kami benci org yg tak teliti dan sambil lewa. Kami x suka org yg pemalas terlebih. Kami x suka org g yg talam dua muka. Org yg pentingkan diri sendiri. Kami x suka org yg layan org lain yg mengada ngada berlebih lebihan kerana status dan pangkat. Org berbudi, kita berbahasa.

Org yg memberi tuba, kita buang sahaja. X guna menghabiskn masa utk org seumpama itu.

Selagi org itu hormat ibu, aku akn hormat mereka. Itu aku semat di dada.

#berkhidmart selagi punya waktu.