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28 November 2014

IIUM Uniqueness

Salam Jumuah Mubarakah :)

This week, 24/11-29/11 2014, IIUM Campus Gombak was very happening with various festival. There are many programs was conducted during this week such as MAFEST (Mahallah Ali Festival), GUF (Global Ummatic Week Festival), Psychology Day, Salahuddin  fest pun ada. Last but not  leat we have Dakwah Carnival by Ma'aruf Club. All of them are very informative and interesting. They are unique.

GUF- Booth based on culture and country

1.We can live healthily.
2. Donate to feed the poor. 
3. Share our happiness.

Abas (my Intro to Usul Fiqh classmate, me, Della (my roomate) and our beloved Dr Habeebullah (Lecturer Intro to Usul Fiqh)
i am wearing princess/ wedding dress here. haha.
Algerian Culture

Muslim Heroes Promo

the sky is blue

Two Tajikistan handsome guy,, hee

me n dela

Psychology Day
Huda n Farhana

Among the posters that really captured my attention.

Below is very good story. Enjoyed it very much.

Life Maker Malaysia program. NGO

Muslim Heroes Promo. This is among the best program in IIUM which also supported by many people outsider as well. Knowing your Heroes from the Allah's Apostle time until now.
 Below are some picture from the History of Psychology Class. a presentation on Freud Psychoanalysis Theory.

We are Muslim and we unite for Islam. Our culture make us different and Unique, but it does not separate us. Here, we promote the Muslim brotherhood  through Global Ummatic Fest.

#IIUM, Final year and final sem. Love this campus so muchhh,,

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