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28 September 2014

Philosophy and Civilization

New blog entry 26 sept 14

Days ago, in the History of philosophical Psychology class, we are not really get into syllabus.
It was very good moment for us to ponder what is around us. Really think about who we are.  Where are we standing?  How we really think. How we act upon something. 

Studying the western philosophy as well as Muslim philosophy, does  it make us combine both (type of knowledge) and become better person?
It made us really did some reflection. We are the Muslim psychology students from IIUM, who learnt about revealed knowledge, who learn about science. When we discuss something, do we really take religion into account? or just simply put some Quranic verses and hadith to support or against a theory.
Do we provided some views or criticism upon subject, ideas or mechanism from the past scientists?

Muslim Daie and psychologist share the same goals anyway. To change human behavior and mental processes toward something better. Interesting right? In Islam, we talk about Iman, Islam and Ihsan and in Psychology, we talk about cognitive, behavior and affect.
How they are interrelated or have similarities in dimension?

What is the goal of psychology anyway ?

We are born to make different. Rasulullah SAW had been sent to complete  the excellence virtues. To guide man know why they are living in this world, modify what is not right and create a peaceful world to live in.

Islam, is a religion that gives rahmat to all (Rahmatan Lil'alamin).
We believe in Allah. We adopt scientific study, we learn about theory, yet, We believe in Allah and take Religion into account in everything we did. :)

Here is new fountain in IIUM that create so many uncomfortable situation.. :(
this is the third fountain since i have been in IIUM for 4 years.
student need new projector, new chairs in exam hall, need a new computer in class room. we didn't this new fountain that representing Malay, Islam and civilization. :)
enough with The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue.