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15 March 2014


Phase of life

It will change from one phase to another. Life getting better and better, and some may just increasing in term of responsibilities and commitment. Some may not coping well with their life, work, and relationship. Suicide rate in Malaysian are on rise by year. This also worried some. Muslim also contributed to this rate, but the number still the least compared to Chinese and Indian. however, this only up to the reported cases received by hospital and NSRM. It is known by Health Minister, family usually will not report the suicidal behavior or cases it as is shameful.

problem in intimate relationship also cause many Chinese committed suicide. Having marital problem, child problem, this is common. Hopefully, with the decreasing  number of illiteracy, Malaysian life would be much much more better.

Takut untuk bertukar status. takut tuk memberi komitmen. doakan saya moga next phase will be better than today :) ^_^

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