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what make people become more better and better? What make them be the Best?What make them inspired by others?
What make them Success?

28 November 2014

IIUM Uniqueness

Salam Jumuah Mubarakah :)

This week, 24/11-29/11 2014, IIUM Campus Gombak was very happening with various festival. There are many programs was conducted during this week such as MAFEST (Mahallah Ali Festival), GUF (Global Ummatic Week Festival), Psychology Day, Salahuddin  fest pun ada. Last but not  leat we have Dakwah Carnival by Ma'aruf Club. All of them are very informative and interesting. They are unique.

GUF- Booth based on culture and country

1.We can live healthily.
2. Donate to feed the poor. 
3. Share our happiness.

Abas (my Intro to Usul Fiqh classmate, me, Della (my roomate) and our beloved Dr Habeebullah (Lecturer Intro to Usul Fiqh)
i am wearing princess/ wedding dress here. haha.
Algerian Culture

Muslim Heroes Promo

the sky is blue

Two Tajikistan handsome guy,, hee

me n dela

Psychology Day
Huda n Farhana

Among the posters that really captured my attention.

Below is very good story. Enjoyed it very much.

Life Maker Malaysia program. NGO

Muslim Heroes Promo. This is among the best program in IIUM which also supported by many people outsider as well. Knowing your Heroes from the Allah's Apostle time until now.
 Below are some picture from the History of Psychology Class. a presentation on Freud Psychoanalysis Theory.

We are Muslim and we unite for Islam. Our culture make us different and Unique, but it does not separate us. Here, we promote the Muslim brotherhood  through Global Ummatic Fest.

#IIUM, Final year and final sem. Love this campus so muchhh,,

28 September 2014

Philosophy and Civilization

New blog entry 26 sept 14

Days ago, in the History of philosophical Psychology class, we are not really get into syllabus.
It was very good moment for us to ponder what is around us. Really think about who we are.  Where are we standing?  How we really think. How we act upon something. 

Studying the western philosophy as well as Muslim philosophy, does  it make us combine both (type of knowledge) and become better person?
It made us really did some reflection. We are the Muslim psychology students from IIUM, who learnt about revealed knowledge, who learn about science. When we discuss something, do we really take religion into account? or just simply put some Quranic verses and hadith to support or against a theory.
Do we provided some views or criticism upon subject, ideas or mechanism from the past scientists?

Muslim Daie and psychologist share the same goals anyway. To change human behavior and mental processes toward something better. Interesting right? In Islam, we talk about Iman, Islam and Ihsan and in Psychology, we talk about cognitive, behavior and affect.
How they are interrelated or have similarities in dimension?

What is the goal of psychology anyway ?

We are born to make different. Rasulullah SAW had been sent to complete  the excellence virtues. To guide man know why they are living in this world, modify what is not right and create a peaceful world to live in.

Islam, is a religion that gives rahmat to all (Rahmatan Lil'alamin).
We believe in Allah. We adopt scientific study, we learn about theory, yet, We believe in Allah and take Religion into account in everything we did. :)

Here is new fountain in IIUM that create so many uncomfortable situation.. :(
this is the third fountain since i have been in IIUM for 4 years.
student need new projector, new chairs in exam hall, need a new computer in class room. we didn't this new fountain that representing Malay, Islam and civilization. :)
enough with The Garden of Knowledge and Virtue.

31 May 2014

When you have nothing to say!

When you have nothing to say,
You will start to find something,
Just anything,
That is fitrah,
And when people talk about something,
You might fit in,
Think about love, think about future, and think about someone to be.
Allah had gave you a command
To be a good vicegerent, what would that mean?
You as man, as a son, a friend, as worker, as a daie,
And as a husband perhaps one day.
Before think about all those thing,
Had you fulfill your task as His ‘abd?
As His slave, what you have done?

Your mouth always happily singing songs about love, about girls that you feel in love
Have you wonder, how long you have not talk about Him?
Praising Him, Remembering Him, would you?
Hey, when I said you, it is not only mean you,
But WE!

Nurul Huda Mamat.
1 June 2014.

 Where there is a great love, there are always a great Miracle.
As you believe in Allah, The Most Greatest. And The Most Merciful.

17 May 2014


Semakin hampir seseorang itu dengan tarikh pernikahannya, semakin kuat ingatannya terhadap pasangannya.
Debaran semakin terasa saat akad ingin dilafazkan.
Kepuasan mendalam jelas terpancar saat saksi mengesahkan.
Simbolik ikatan janji cinta dua manusia.

Seorang hamba...
Lima kali sehari bersua dengan tuhannya...
Hidup pula atas ihsan semata...
Tidak mampu merasai perasaan yang sama.
Bahkan saat berjumpa tiada apa yang dirasa...
Walaupun janji telah termetrai buat sekian lama.
Yang lupa semakin lupa...
Yang beragama mula terleka...

Dugaan akhirat yang tidak terlihat di depan mata.

11 May 2014

Wrestling with addiction?

There are people out there are struggling with their life. They are fighting with many thing that blocking them to achieve something and gain happiness. 

There is a story. A very smart girl that had been rape by her boyfriend. She was a smart girl that always got good CGPA. However, since that day, she changed. As her friends, we know that she is traumatized. Lots of methods had been taken to help her. But, she never listened and keep dating with that boy.

The Prophet (peace be upon him)  had reported, "Whenever a man is alone with a woman, Satan (Shaytan)is the third among them" (Tirmidhi).  When young people are getting to know each other, being alone together is a temptation toward wrongdoing.

O my friend, you may forgot this, but i would to keep telling you, this is test from Allah. what is wrong, still wrong. You know it,   so must be strong to say no to it. please remember, there are clear verses in the Quran against the natural results of dating; from the seemingly innocent kiss to the more obvious. According to the Qur'anic commands unmarried men and women should maintain their chastity until marriage. You must remember, Hadrat Umar (RA) also reported that the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "Not one of you should meet a woman alone unless she is accompanied by a relative (mahram)" (Bukhari/Muslim). Why you keep going?

I am addicted to Sexual Intercours!

We are truly clueless.We help you. You went to counselling sessions. Yet, you still dating with him. He is obviously does not want to marry you my dear.

I have aborted a baby!

Allah, please help us.. Show us the way to help her. O Allah, help us. 

Psychiatrist and Psychologist.
Yes, we will refer to them. O Allah, please help us to find the way to help our friend. Please help and guide her ya Allah. We will not leave her as far as there is several ways that may be taken to help her.

Brothers and sister, please be extra careful. remember what Allah had command us. whenever we are dealing with opposite genders, at all times, Muslims should follow the commands of the Qur'an (24:30-31) to "lower their gaze and guard their modesty...."  Islam recognizes that we are human and are given to human weakness, so this rule provides safeguards for our own sake. To prevent us from many others diseases.

Here are GUIDELINES for Muslim in social life.

Friendship with Opposite Sex

Is it wrong for two people of the opposite sex to be very good friends at school and outside of school? Dr. Muzammil Siddiqui answers " Muslims should have good relations with all people, males as well as females. At school, at work, in you neighborhood etc. you should be kind and courteous to everyone. However, it is not allowed in Islam to take a non-Mahram person or persons of the opposite gender as a very close friend. 
Such friendship often leads to Haram. In the Qur’an, Allah subhanahu wa ta’ala mentioned that good men and women are those who marry, do not have fornicating relationships and do not have “paramours” (“akhdan” see al-Nisa’ 4:25; al-Ma’idah 5:5). “Akhdan” are “sweethearts” or for a man a “mistress” and for a woman a “lover”. The Prophet - peace be upon him - said, whenever two strangers of the opposite gender are alone with each other, Satan becomes the third one between them. (al-Tirmidhi, 1091).  (1)

MORE INFORMATION for HALAL DATING, you guys may refer to this websites

15 March 2014


Phase of life

It will change from one phase to another. Life getting better and better, and some may just increasing in term of responsibilities and commitment. Some may not coping well with their life, work, and relationship. Suicide rate in Malaysian are on rise by year. This also worried some. Muslim also contributed to this rate, but the number still the least compared to Chinese and Indian. however, this only up to the reported cases received by hospital and NSRM. It is known by Health Minister, family usually will not report the suicidal behavior or cases it as is shameful.

problem in intimate relationship also cause many Chinese committed suicide. Having marital problem, child problem, this is common. Hopefully, with the decreasing  number of illiteracy, Malaysian life would be much much more better.

Takut untuk bertukar status. takut tuk memberi komitmen. doakan saya moga next phase will be better than today :) ^_^

 you make me fell different.
 tell me if u need me.. i'll try to be there. If i can't , Allah will always be with u. He never leave u alone.

08 February 2014

Back to the real point

Back to the point <3 p="">
Bila sudah terlalu lama berbicara tentang sesuatu yg kita tidak mahu, tapi perlu, maka rehatkan diri sebentar, mencari titik point yg stabil. Bagi sesetengah orang, ianya seakan tindakan tidak bijak yg menghilangkan rentak, namun disebaliknya tersembunyi suatu rahsia, yg mengandungi identiti diri.

Identiti memang boleh berubah, namun bukanlah berubah 360 darjah. Tipulah bila kita kata kita ingin berubah, maka kita berubah secara total. Kenapa? Kerana personaliti tidak dibentuk dalam masa yg singkat. Malahan, sifat kita yg ditanam dalam diri itu tidak mungkin padam dlm masa yg singkat.

Hati yg berbolak balik,  keadaan sekeliling, nature and nuture, people around us, adalah pihak dan perkara yg akan mempengaruhi diri kita.

Namun faktor dalaman kita juga adalah strong factor yg lead kepada action kita. Pelakunya kita, pelakonnya kita, dan kita juga yg menerima akibatnya.
Siapa kita , apa kita mahu, inilah diri kita.
Samarkah identiti kita?

Ibubapa kita mencorakkan kita utk menjadi insan yg terbilang. Menjadi anak yg soleh dan mampu ditumpang. Menjadi Insan yg boleh diharapkan. Mempunyai akhlaq yg mulia. Jikalau identiti diri seperti ini terhakis meranalah mereka. dan meranalah kita dihadapan Allah Yg Maha Esa .

Jadilah Insan yg terbaik, yg mampu menjadi hiasan tercantik di syurga nanti.elysium.stars