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what make people become more better and better? What make them be the Best?What make them inspired by others?
What make them Success?

26 May 2013

ALLAH... ku sucikan niatku hanya kerana MU.

ingin saja ku terbang kesana
bertemu Dia yg ku puja
ingin sekali aku tinggal disana
bersama Dia yg ku damba.

Namun masanya belum tiba
aku disini, Engkau disana
disana, dekat ..jauh?
hatiku pantas berdegup,

Lelahku, ku hadiahkan padaMu,
tenangnya aku, hadiah dariMu..
adakala, bukti itu tidak suci.
maka ku sucikan ia dgn niat yg baru,
walau ku tahu,
darjatnya tidak sama disisiMu,
tapi ku pasti,
ia lebih baik dari terus menipu,
yg akhirnya amalan itu dilihat Hitam dan kelabu.

hamba yg kerdil,
27 Mei 2013.

23 May 2013

Journey ii

walking down from the hill,
i saw a man.
his chest up down very fast.
he give me a smile.
he then continue,
walking. walking.

i keep walking once the man disappear.
i saw a kid. a girl.
she made peace symbol to me.
she smile.
leave me with thumbs up before she leave me behind.

half of the journey,
i saw an old lady.
she gives me a card.
she smiles. and leaves.

" the right path for you is not the way u walking down
-babe, life is not easy as you eat candy-
better climb the hill back...
pull out your remaining effort.
up there, you can refill your energy."

a spirit came.
the best man will strive for the best.
make reflection, make efforts, tawakkal.
and keep walking to the goal.


arghhhh.. this is nonsense. people may say just go to the hell.  HELL.. but why don't people say go to the heaven? haven't a  key? go find it instead of straightly go to the hell.

what is this is all about?

Once people feel stress, they tend to make intrapersonal communication. some may end up with anger and some may get motivation. What is the best tool for motivation for you?

22 May 2013

ODd or Ordinary?

Assalamualaikum wbt.
It is  hard to believe another person when it comes to the time management. Once, I am very straight when it comes to the punctuality. As a Muslim, I do care about how important the time is. But, I am very unfortunate lately. Always  dealing with persons  who merely doesn’t care about timing.  They came late and not even say sorry. I hate this situation. Waiting for nothing for sometimes.  I need time to study. I am not just a person who can study anywhere and anytime. I do not just memorize what I have learnt. I need to exercise it with deep processing and sometimes do things about what is an experiment is all about.  What is the key point and what make them different. I need to read a lot.  Reading one time only and memorize is crazy. But people, sometimes don't think about it. Even, there are a lot of things come to my mind. I just keep silent to ensure the relationship keeps warm. Harmony. When I speak, many will listen. But the end, it seems it just wandering near the  heart for a while. I hate it guys. I hate it. There are many people out there like me. If you guys in business, you will dislike it too. Because time is very important. Once you let go a chance, the chance will never come back, similarly. And perhaps, when you do not aware with your customers, you will lose them gradually.  What will affect you if this keeps happening? Think about it.http://library.thinkquest.org/08aug/00583/Good_Habits/pu2.html

My body no longer like tea. .

13 May 2013


Disiplin dan tarbiyyah
tanpanya manusia rebah.
tanpanya hilanglah 'izzah.

disiplin membuah kejayaan.
kesungguhan dan keselarasan, 
menyusun kamus kehidupan.
menyelusuri arus perjuangan,
yg dihadapannya liku dan halangan.

Disiplin dan keazaman
mendekatkan dirimu dgn impian.