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what make people become more better and better? What make them be the Best?What make them inspired by others?
What make them Success?

29 August 2012


hatiku keletihan, mengingatkan beban,
namunku takkan lupa,  pada Dia yg mencipta..
pastinya DIA tidak,menzalimi hambaNya,

ingatlah, Dia sentiasa, bersama yg sabar dan terus meminta..
namun  jangan pula lupa , untuk menggandakan usaha

disebalik kerisaun itu, ada hikmah yg tersembunyi,
dan disebalik, pengorbanan itu, ada nikmat, yg menunggu.

07 August 2012


Swollen nor melting

Counting days left..

Expressing something deep in the heart is not very simple.
not everything will settle with mouth open.
silence ..also not the best solution ever..
avoiding.. its killing beb..

sometimes, we have to end something..and sometimes, we have to be strict..
when something come to your sense, it is a guidance. But somehow, it may need to be revise..

life sometimes is complicated.
..it harsh to say..
but i do agree with it.. But many will against it..
but it is my LIFE..

something that i dream of.
something that i wishes all this time.. something that, i want to gain..
i need it.

i need something for my self too..
 tears is not the only thing i want from u..but, tears of joy..share it with me..

 i couldn't share everything with people.. why don't u understand?
i tried to understand..
i did..
but until when?

i tried to forget.
i did..
but for how long?

i am not a machine. i don't have  "delete" button..
am i missing u?
or , .. i just couldn't forget?..
the fact is, i remembering it...