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what make people become more better and better? What make them be the Best?What make them inspired by others?
What make them Success?

17 March 2010


Hidup ini terlalu singkat sebenarnya.Namun, ia terasa panjang bila kita melakukan sesuatu sama ada ia seronok mahupun tidak,bermakna mahupun sia-sia.its depend on doer.Thats life.
Yesterday is history and tomorrow is mystery.Yes,yesterday is history.What have we done in the past was be a history and we cannot change it because we cannot change the past or rewind the time,yeah! Last year i have jumped into something.Something that important to the 'world'. n part of my survival.Perhaps.And today,i feel like,in dilemma.Truly.But,i know i should not feel like that.ooh god,what should i do.i cant tell it to anybody.but the fact,i felt like i have ruin the trust of somebody towards me.yeah.my family.what should i do? my fam said,i should do this,but i did.actually,i did not mean it.i jumped into it without my pleasure.my heart said no.my mind to.but at that time,i feel like that i have no choice.i have been trapped.thats what i think at that time.yeah i know,thats good to involve,but my family did not allowed me to do so when i'm studying. what should i do?silent,that what i doing now.ya Allah,guide me.get me off from this.
actually i love both.but,...i tried to tajdid my niah.i'm trying.lillah.but at the same time i feel like, i'm ruining my fam trust on me.what should i do ya Allah.astagfirullah hal'azim.guide me ya Allah.Allahumma amin,Allahumma amin,Allahumma amin.amin ya rabbal 'alamin.