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what make people become more better and better? What make them be the Best?What make them inspired by others?
What make them Success?

13 April 2018

Cinta tidak Haram!

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Jatuh cinta pada seseorang??

Relaks. Itu lumrah teman-teman. Cool, take time n discover what make you feels so...
Do not rush and tell people that you fell in love with someone.

Itupun biasa. Rindu dan teringatkan si dia tu sesuatu yg tidak kita boleh kawal. Namun, yg kita boleh kawal nafsu kita. Jangan sampai membayangkan sesuaru yang haram!

Dalam fasa ini, mohon petunjuk banyak-banyak dari Allah swt agar kalian dilindungi dari segala fitnah dan ujian. Ingat, tatkala perasaan cinta membuak-buak, syaitan juga berkobar-kobar untuk terus menguji keimanan kita😂.

Perasaan  memang perlu dinyatakan agar ianya jelas. Namun matlamatnya juga harus nyata. Ianya adalah demi membina baitul muslim. Cukup utk menyatakan agar kalian merasa yakin. Bukan utk sekadar bermain cinta dan berkongsi rasa dan kesunyiaan.

Ingat, fasa bercinta mahupun memulakan sesebuah perhubungan, banyak dugaan. Jangan sampai tersilap langkah. Mohon la doa, istikharah dan musyawarrah dengan keluarga tentang perasaan anda agar doa dan nasihat mereka dapat membantu kita membuat pilihan yg terbaik.

Apa itu istikharah? Haa.. Yg part ini adik kena ingat betul-betul, ianya adalah solat untuk memohon petunjuk dari Allah tentang sesuatu agar diberikan kebijaksaanaan kepada kita dalam membuat keputusan yg terbaik. Tak kira la dlm isu pendidikan, pekerjaan mahupun soal jodoh.
Namun, istikharah juga memerlukan kita untuk membuat sedikit kajian ttg apa yg kita alami. Contohnya, jika soal jodoh, adik-adik hendaklah membuat background checking ttg insan yg adik suka untuk memastikan dia menepati ciri-ciri yang dikehendaki ataupun tidak. Semak latar belakang dan pergaulannya. Semak apa saja yg adik ingin tahu agar tidak membebankan adik pada masa akan datang. Sekiranya adik boleh menerima kekurangannya, insyaAllah, adik akan kuat dalam menghadapi ujian masa hadapan nanti kerana adik sudah bersedia.  Faham?

So, cinta memerlukan adik memahami konsep berumahtangga. Jangan lupa untuk menambah ilmu dengan membaca buku tentang lelaki dan wanita seperti karya John Grey, fiqh munakahat dan sebagainya. Persiapkan diri seadanya bg menjadi a good partner😎.

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30 August 2017

When you choose to start over!

Mentally, you need to be tough to live in this running world.  Today, we live in the world where people are competing  to each other to find pleasure, money, love, properties and many more.

Some just found happiness and the meaning of life. And lot of people seeking for it.

Some  people drastically take a chance to drastically change, some people don't and refuse.

Expectation sometimes does not work. We plan but Allah also has plan for us. After two days of my previous post saying that i accepted the offer, I officially  turn down the promotion and choose to leave immediately for a lot of reasons.

No major regret except i pity my colleague to take over everything and lack of support. That's all.

Yes, i moved on and nearly get a job. But, i didn't grab the opportunity as it also seems like i will not be happy.

I am choosy?
Yeah. Definitely. I am looking for a career, not simply a job to earn money for living.
And after i turn down the promotion, i got "dumped". Not the right word i guess.

Dumped huh.

Never mind. Love and getting married is not everything.
Focus on what i want first and live happily. The right man that can make me happy is not here yet, perhaps! and it is time for  "me time" 💖!
No stress.

Self employed
-for better future-

03 August 2017

Self -Enhancement


Just one month ago, I posted that i am looking for job. Actually, during that time I am already working as Administrative Officer and actually, I was reluctant to be permanent worker. I was offered  a manager post for an institution and i truly don't want it. But in the end, I accepted the offer, but as the assistant manager.

I really did take almost a month to think and I talked to my family about this matter. Yeah, people will always support you to take any job if they satisfied about the salary. But it is not my primary concern while pursuing my career.

We will put our effort to complete any task/job. Everyone does. But, spending our time for something that we don't like to do will surely affect our thinking, emotion and behavior. People also may be affected by us either in negative or positive way.

Now, i'm writing again as I just made a decision to stay, for another level of experience. Yes, i am willing to spend my time and learn to like it as much as i can. I will learn and try to instill the "self belonging" to this institution.

Just pray for me. Hope i will be strong and do my best to bring this organization to the higher level and excellent.
Well this job really made me polish my skill in designing. hope, i will be pro in this field one day.

August 3 2017

01 July 2017


Almost one year I left my job as assistant supervisor and till now, i still looking for a good job that i passionate into it.

Volunteering really make me appreciate who i am and what i want to be. Now, working wit an NGO fulltime, polishing my designing skill, management and PR skill. Yet, i did not get enough satisfaction.

I need to purify my heart and do lot of muhasabah.  I truly hate myself right now that sometimes do not really "bersyukur" with this opportunity and the rizq given to me. People are struggling but i am busy looking for something and put aside the thing the thing that are already in front of me.

Fabiayyi aalairobbikuma tukazzibaaan.

02 August 2016

Need for Assistance?

Hi guys, my name is Huda. Currently lives in Kota Bharu Kelantan. Doing Freelance job.

If you come to Malaysia for study with not very good english, and you found yourself in trouble doing your assignments, and you are hardly feel uncomfortable  to ask you groupmates, give me an email and i will help you at a very low cost.  :)

Email me at hde_dianza9@yahoo.com. or kindly pm me on fb. (Refer my fb link on your right side).

If you need for translation, i will also help you.
I also providing few other services like transportation service (kinda like UBER)
and i can also be your tourist guide. But of course, there are some terms n  conditions.

(First thing first, you must atleast know how to speak n write in english. Or else how i can communicate with u guys)

However, everything can be negotiate.
Only serious  customer will be given my phone number. Leave me a message or kindly pm me for any question.

With love,

21 April 2016

Realiti yg harus dijiwai sendirian

Kesusahan itu mendidik jiwa
Merasai sakitnya susah dan bersusah payah demi menggapai cita.

Disebalik kesenangan pasti akan ada ujian. Ada yg sesuatu yg kita tidak sukai yg akan menyucikan kita. Yg ingin kita sentiasa sedar akan  realiti 'jika ada kelebihan,tanggungjawab kita adalah memberi'.

Awlawiyyat pasti akan menguji diri.
Awlawiyyat yg banyak menguji kebijaksanaan dan jua kemanusiaan. Awlawiyyat yg akan menyedarkan kita dari alam fantasi yg tersekat di minda separuh sedar.

Menguji persepsi sebagai dai.
Persepsi mad'u tidak begitu penting kerana dai terasa dirinya sangat bagus.

Realiti itu harus dijiwai.
Agar diri tidak alpa  dan dinodai .
Agar sentiasa bugar dalam menjalankan tugas sebagai khalifah.
Realiti itu akan terus berdamping.
Kerana kita hidup bukan di alam fantasi seperti Aladdin mahupun Doraemon.

Qiamullail. Mathurat. AlQuran.
Solat Sunat.

Realitinya makin bertambah atau berkurang?
Realitinya hanya kita yg ketahui.
Relitinya Kiamat dan mati kita semakin dekat.

Sollu 'ala nnabi. Saw

14 January 2016

Dear parents and friends out there...

Kids nowadays learn from parents and friends. Informally, they watch and immitate you behavior.
If since young, you showed them bad example, how can you expect they will grow and become very excellence in everything?

My dear so called parents out there, Islam is simple. But why you are taking easy of it?

Aurah is very simple example.
Covering aurah is an obligation. Cover it from non Mahram. Understand it properly. It doesnt meant cover your aurah when you want to go outside your house or going somewhere.

What it means is, cover your aurah wherever u r if there is non Mahram  who can see you. Including in your house. Change your mentality now if you understand this message.

Halal and Haram is not only related to pork and alcohol. In short, it is not only related to you food consumption, but every single thing.
 Everything you eat will give impact on your body and soul. It does influence your behavior. It does affect your mental processes. So, please take care of it from the very beggining.

Control, educate, dicipline  your children and give motivation from early childhood to ensure they are growing well.

With love,

12 January 2016

Life and work

Fresh grads need some experiences to enter a reputable company.

Just imagine, nowadays world, people are being paid  based on their quality of work and experiences. The more you know ur field, the higher ur salary/ comission u will get.

How about education?
In private sector, sometimes it will be meaningless.

Actually, it also depend on the employer. Some might be racist. No doubt. Regardless where ever you are, u might encounter this type of people.
So, here is the point that i would like to discuss.

If people really2 being paid based on their experiences and not based on level of education , what the society should do? Stop futhering studies?

Education does play very o
Important roles. Without knowledges, skills and some theories that u might acquired from the university, u might not be able to lead and become visionary leader. U also might be manipulated or more worse, u might be just a tool.

Learns and know ur rights, how to survive and how to benefit other. Improve n try to improve others. Education will enlighten you.
Do not let money control you.
Make control of the money.

20 October 2015


Mati itu Rahsia Allah.
Kita tidak tahu bila.

Jodoh pun rahsia Allah.
Sunnah Rasulullah pula mengumumkan perkahwinan.
So, if someone  x hebahkan tu, maknanya masanya belum tiba kan?

Unless, you ada calon untuk diperkenalkan, so tanyalah empunya diri akan statusnya.
Bukan apa, this is quite sensitive lorh.

Apa pun, jangan terlalu excited tanya bila org lain nk kahwin k.

29 June 2015

I have started

Since i graduated, there was a lot of thing or so called "wishlist" i managed to accomplished.
1. Opened a boutique.
2. Expert in driving manual car
3.Travel alone (where i went to Vietnam)
4. Work and taking care of My mum.
And there was one thing out of my wishlist that still made me doubt is beli kereta terlalu awal. Haha.

Seriusly,nk sgt. But, bila fikirkan kerjaya dan sape nk jaga mek, aku rasa aku belum bersedia.
Calon, o, i didn't have any yet. I have rejected so many. It is ain't easy to find my Mr. Right.

My aim for this year ahead is to pay my(not truly mine)q debt (hutang kurang kebijaksanaa. I called)  and Umrah.

I just want to wish happy Ramadhan yo all of u. Take care.